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alright this may be weird but here's my story lol:

im 22 now, been in a relationship pretty much my entire life... (started dating when i was late 15yrs old). Had 2 long term relationships, one 3 years and the other 2.5years. Some in the middle just cuz im a relationship guy. I currently have a girlfriend now we've been dating for 2 months now.

soooo here are the pros:
-if your an emotional guy its good to have someone to care for/care for you
-share experiences with
-I haven't gone without sex for more than 3 weeks since i was 15.
-more presents on Christmas lol

cons: -If you find the right girl there shouldn't be to many cons however i haven't so
-more stress
-less money... i sometimes spend over 500$ a month on restaurants fml.
-constantly having to please someone
-clubs are less fun to go to with a gf.. "never bring sand to a beach"
i can write a novel about the cons.. but at the end of the day if you find someone you really like there aren't many cons. (like the girl im seeing now)
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