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330xi wont star, new battery

I am having a problem with my 3series. the car been parked for a year and 2 weeks to be exact after being hit, i didnt bother fixed it since i had another car. i finally got it fixed, with driver airbag replaced, the curtain airbags replaced and also the front headlights(HID 7500K) along with the foglights(HID 8500k now). i tried to start the car, it wouldnt start on the old battery. so i got a jump start from a battery booster and also a car running silmutaneously. the car finally start, it ran for about 5mins after disconnect the jumping assistance(other car n battery booster) then shut down it self, battery is dead(interior lights on stay on for little bit then goes off). i left the battery charged overnight then next day the battery still wouldn't start the car ro even turn the lights on this time. so i bought a new battery(it turns interior lights on but couldn start the car), with the new battery i still needed a jump start from another car(runnning). so the car finally started, i let it run for about 10mins then drove away after 20mins of driving the car just shut down(saying battery dead) in the middle of the road then refuse to start or even crank up(so i got it towed to my house)....My question is can anybody help me figure out what the problem could be? have that ever happen to anyone else? could it be the alternator or a bad connection from the lights or bad battery cables???? please help me out