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Turning On IDrive When I Want It To

90% of the time or more I dont need the Idrive screen on while driving and I like to have it off. Does anyone else find it annoying that every time you start your car you want the screen off so you need to press accept on the idrive and then other buttons to get the screen off?

I like to get in my car and just drive and listen to the radio maybe, which can be used without the screen turned on. I have to go through a series of buttons to turn the IDrive screen off. If I need anything else like navigation then Ill turn it back on.

In other words, I want the screen to turn on when "I" turn it on, NOT every time I start up the engine, then I have to press buttons here and there, accept etc just to get the screen off again. Can anything be done to set it like that? Im assuming not?