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Originally Posted by Wcc View Post
Hey Mario!

I wanted to ask did you change the shift knob ? or was that the OEM one. Also Where did you the get touch screen and such. looks real sick man
Hey buddy!!
The shift knob is complete plug and play from Bimmian:

However I do NOT recommend it since after a few months it fell apart, I am back to my oem and ordering a performance shift knob soon..

The entertainment dash is from ebay seller Eonon, who is now a vendor on this site. It works great but DO NOT expect oem quality. For the price and everything you are getting including steering wheel functions/bluetooth etc its a steal.

NAV still does not work for me and alot of other people have this problem too

and thanks

Originally Posted by d3l0n View Post
very nice! I'd love to do a quad exhaust mod. Hope it isn't expensive.
Well at first I had my muffler removed and had single sided dual tips from Cyba.. cost was $109 for the tips and about $100 for material and labor at my muffler shop. About a year passed by and decided to do quads, so I cut my bumper with a razor and went back to the muffler shop. Ordered another set of Cyba tips for $109 and extra parts and labor was about $80. If you get Cyba quads, instead of 4 tips like I did and go to a muffler shop just once it should cost you about $250 with tips and labor. Instead of $450 like me lol