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Originally Posted by morphius909 View Post
I have two separate Torque Wrenches. One small (3/8") for plugs and one large one (1/2") for lugs.

You'll want 1/2' for tire lugs. Most if not all torque wrenches will have Ft. Lbs and Nm Scale. Make sure it has both as owners manuals sometimes give torque ratings in only one scale.

Torque Wrenches are a bit delicate so don't drop it and make sure you get one with a storage case.

I'm in Canada so I went to Canadian Tire (we call it CRAPPY TIRE Here haha).
it really is crappy tire, i bought a torque wrench on sale there couple weeks back, came back home to use it and it didnt click at any setting.. went back to exchange it, got the new one and same thing will have to go back next weekend and yell at them, thinking ill just get one of those needle gauge torque wrenches again like i used to have.