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Originally Posted by Imperator View Post
Gorgeous looking is, and I see you're from PDX! I love that town and am still thinking of moving there after visiting twice already this year. Your car should get plenty of looks-- it seems that everyone up there drives old clapped-out Subarus and other junk.
Thanks for the compliment. Ya I moved to PDX for work nice city with friendly people. But I still can't wait to move back home down to the Bay area after 4 years. I also started to notice that also about the old Subarus and along with old lifted trucks/SUVs.

As far as getting a lot of looks ya I know. On the drive home today from the dealership I felt like I got some but all them didn't seem to friendly. I'm 27 but I look younger due to my clothing I wear on days off. Anyways I could definitely tell who the haters were thinking I'm prolly driving mom or dad's car. I don't let them get to me because in the end I know I'm the one paying my own bills.