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Originally Posted by AcidMal View Post
Wow, a very heavy article to read there.
All of it makes perfect sense, it's just sad that we will be seeing even more BMWs on the road soon. The brand has already lost a lot of its unique characteristics and is quickly becoming the every mans car. I think that BMW M devision will assume the previous role of its parent company and carry the name and heritage. Otherwise just a big ugly car selling monster. I am already worried after seeing the f30 3ers release of how the f32 will feel. I am not interested in a car every 18 yr old girl will get for graduating high school. I guess I will be more inclined to the next M4 coupe.
Excellent post. Very similar of how I feel. BMW use to have a uniqueness to them, almost hard to put into words. They were just different. They have become just another German automaker.