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X8?! Wow! Never thought I'd see the day when bmw would make an suv/ sav the size of the largest or longest Esclade! I thought the X5 is already huge, but I guess not. I understand bmw needs to compete with other manufacturers, I just hope spending on r&d for the M cars is not reduced. Two thumbs up for the CS II concept.
You might be surprised man. Two baby seats in the back and it becomes a two seater! Can't put a baby seat in the third row, so people with large families are really limited. Depending on the baby seat/child seat in question, it can even make the front of the car cramped!
Def. once u got 2 car seats going, there is no room for adults in the x5. The third row is basically unusable for adults and car seats. You have to be a kid between the ages of 6-10 or a small adult willing to stretch his legs back there on both seats.
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