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Originally Posted by Lotus99 View Post
Just learning about AFR's and how they work, and was wondering how they are for a stock map.

Saw some in another post for Dinan, and how they're running pretty rich (11's) above 4.5k, but saw some Procede ones on meth in the 15 to 13 range

Learned a bit from this website how lower AFR's are safer, but produce less power so I'm now starting to piece things together as to why some of the different tuning options give different power! Feels cool to learn this new stuff!
You are right. It is noticeable that probably all respected flash tuner (Dinan, Evotech/Noelle, ESS) are running richer than the piggyback tuner. Especially the tuner with an European backround (who have done long-term high-speed testing on the Autobahn, Nuerburgring-Nordschleife etc) pass on some hp and run al little bit more rich. There will be a reason for that...