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Originally Posted by DavidZ View Post
For the hard to get screw, you need a screwdriver you can change bits on, and you need to be able to put a "wobble" (maybe also called a universal joint or elbow - they're usually used with ratchets) on it as well. I have a Tamper-Proof Bit Set from Griots Garage which had the screwdriver handle and bits I needed and I just used a 1/4" wobble from my ratchet set.

Here's the Tamper-Proof Bit Set:

Here are the parts I used, the bendy part is the wobble:

Everything connected:

Obviously I put the short end with the Torx bit on the fuse box screw while I twisted the long end. It was still really hard - you basically have to get the bit into the fuse box screw by feel and luck and still hold it in while you turn.

As for the orange and green wires, from one of my posts in this thread:
Thanks for the pics, i have a similar set
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