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Originally Posted by 330dgav View Post
I have a 57 plate E90 330d with 43k for which I had the DPF deleted and remapped by Evolve last September. I typically do majority of miles in town hence need to do something with DPF to avoid problems.

Last night the DFP warning light came on the Idrive and information panel for which I couldn't remove. The guy who did the deletion and remap said everyone usually either removes the DPF of puts a hole in to avoid andy problems. I am reluctant to damage the DPF incase legislation changes and I have to use it especially given how expensive replacements are and I would have thought mine should be ok given mileage.


1. Do I replace the DPF with a SS exhaust section
2. Attempt to clean the DPF
3. Put a hole in it
4. Will regeneration still work and reset the problem if the DPF has been deleted.

Anyones assistance would be greatly appreciated given your own experience.

Jeez, just read this!

What a monumental feck up, and:

3. Put a hole in it



Originally Posted by 330dgav View Post
Update - Saturday morning car is going to have everything reset and new map re-installed (less the DPF delete) by original installer and Evolution, with a refund on DPF. Then hopefully get it regenerated successfully.

Just to make matters more confusing, IDrive system is now playing up on way home, no stereo, cannot control anything and appears to have crashed. Pulled over and re-started car, which allowed me to navigate for about 3 moves then it crashed and locked me out again, then warning sign 'no SOS available'. Looks like a trip to dealer to get it sorted (under warranty), unless there is any advice out there.
Do yourself a favour and never take your car anywhere near there again!

I assume you have an insured warranty being as it's a 57 plate?

Word of warning - The above fault will probably require fault diagnosis,which requires as routine a hook up and the info being sent to BMW AG.

Your DPF delete and map will be detected, whether either are still present or not.
Whilst those mods won't have caused your problem on the I-Drive,and a possible warranty claim should not be denied,it may cause you problems in the future.