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Originally Posted by BKV122 View Post
Hmm, I'll have to try this since my driver side isn't leveling and is pointing to far down. There are no error icons and the adaptive mode works (turns left and right while driving around turns) Ive been reading about the sensors on the control arms which I've checked yesterday and all look fine. Now i'll have to give this procedure a shot and see what i can find.

Timmah: Were your inner DRL not leveling also? Because mine are'nt along with my xenons? does this Servo control both the DRL and xenon?

They possibly got disconnected because of hitting potholes, which most likey why auto leveling isn't working.
Yup i was looking under my car today and seen the arm hanging down almost dragging on the ground. I did not know what it was so I took it up to the shop and he said it was a arm to my headlap and reconnected it. Also I am going to say it happened when I went over some deep potholes, heard something pop, thought it was suspension damage, must of been the arm popping out.