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The criminals just found something that people would not associate with drug dealing, they hid the cash in tide, it would be hard for the police to claim drug proceeds with bottle of tide piled up. They could just claim they are one of those extreme couponers and it was their hoard of tide.

I have to give P&G lots of credit it is a great product and cleans better than anything i have ever used. My mon uses nothing else, we use to but I found since I have more professional job and do far less manual labor, my cloths do not get as dirty so you do not need the strength of tide.

Also, years back when Costco first start carrying tide they had the lowest price of any retailer, then over a period of years Costco slowly increased the price to the point they were now the highest, but most people never look at the price they just grab it. So we stopped buying it.

The other reason we stopped buying it is due to fact most cloths are not as well made and tide breaks them down faster so your close start to fall apart quicker with tide.

Not only do you pay more for tide it cause you to replace your cloths more often.

We do have tide in the house,m we just use it to clean our work cloths, from working on cars or doing yard work.