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Yes, you are pushing your luck on a comlpete de-swirl, but you are not in the wrong to expect an excellent job of the repairs.

I've had some "fun" with approved bodyshops beforehand - it took me over 9 months to get a car "sorted" once. In the end it went to a completely different garage - one that the insurance's assessor recommended and they fixed it right first time to an amazing level.

Don't think that the insurance company are trying to fob you off with shoddy work, because they're not - it's the bodyshop that are, and they deserve to be "dropped in it". In other words, the insurance company will be your friend in all of this.

I would suggest that you don't even give the bodyshop the opportunity to correct it, because by the sound of it, they don't give a toss. Give the insurance a ring and ask them to send out an assessor. I think, however, the assessor will want to give them another chance.