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Originally Posted by matrix76 View Post
Just signed in, first post, and you sound like a rep for BMWNA. Where the hell did you come from?
I'm not a rep from BMW; I came from another forum where this thread was being discussed. It seems obvious so I shouldn't really have to explain it but that's what happens when you set out to publicise a problem by posting it on various sites on the Internet. Thousands of people read about it and some of them will come to either leave commentary or to ask questions about it. In other words, I'm the direct result of the publicity that's been sought: you have proactively called me here by proactively seeking my voice in this campaign to spread this thread to other places on the Internet

Note that the question is still just as valid regardless of who asks it though. I could be Hitler himself, or the worst killer in the land, and it would be completely irrelevant because the question is still relevant and obvious and needs to be asked. In general, if you have a problem with a question you should try and explain what the problem is (how the question is flawed) rather than trying to discredit the person asking it, as that would be ad hominem.

The question is actually for arguru though so I'd rather he answered it than you, unless he has already comprehensively answered it and you can provide a link to where he has.