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Originally Posted by Propagator View Post
Post #1: Asking the OP for the exact terms of resolution
Yes. This makes perfect sense to me and I don't understand why anyone would have a problem with it. It's a question that a few people have asked both here and in other forums but that I hadn't seen answered yet. In any situation where you have a problem, in order to resolve it you have to know what you want to happen to resolve it. There was much talk of the problem but it wasn't clear to me exactly what arguru actually wanted, so I asked specifically what it was. You seem to be implying that asking what to me is the most obvious, logical and relevant question is wrong in some way. Can you explain why it's wrong?
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Post #2: Denying any affiliation with BMW or Penske, by saying, and I quote, "that's what happens when you set out to publicise a problem by posting it on various sites on the Internet"
Yes, it's a fact. You have a problem, you post it in a forum, people get angry about it and set out to post it to more forums to give it higher visibility. They literally "set out to publicise a problem by posting it on various sites on the Internet". It's happened a thousand times before and it will happen a thousand times again. As a result you will definitely get higher visibility of the problem (assuming it's something that resonates with people) and as a result of that you will definitely get more people coming along and reading the original posting of the problem and you will also get more people commenting on it. You seem to be implying that by pointing out this obvious fact that you must already know for yourself that I'm doing something wrong. Can you explain what is wrong with it?
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Post #3: Deliberately questioning arguru's credibility, based on the fact that he found your very suspicious original post, well, suspicious
Actually no. I definitely didn't question his credibility based on the fact that he found my post suspicious. I questioned his reasoning because he concluded that I was something I'm not based on such ludicrous evidence. Those are two very different things. One is suspicion of something: that it might be. The other is a firm conclusion that it is. You illustrated the difference quite well here...
  • matrix76 thought I sounded like a rep for BMWNA. That is suspicion.
  • You and darebornsolja thought it was getting interesting. That is suspicion
  • arguru immediately concluded that I was "cough cough BMW/Penske". That is not suspicion, it's a firm conclusion. Given that I already know I'm not BMW/Penske, I already know for an absolute and undeniable fact that he is wrong. So now that I know that he can very easily and very quickly draw the wrong conclusion how can I trust the rest of his conclusions to the same degree that I did before?
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So.... who are you and what are you doing here?
I'm not sure what you're asking. Do you want my name, my nationality, my age, my country - what exactly do you mean? Note that I've already told you what I'm doing here and that I've actually already done it (I asked a question).
Originally Posted by Propagator View Post
You just joined the forum, and so far you've made 3 posts
Technically yes. But really I've made one post asking a completely logical question, one posts correcting a false allegation and then one post asking a (very valid and again very logical and obvious) follow up question. I think if you take a step back and think about it a little you'll see that it actually makes a lot of sense for someone to take the time to point out they aren't something that they've been falsely accused of, and then to try and reask the question that was ignored in favour of the false allegation, and then to ask a logical follow on question. It's very possible and quite likely that your natural reaction to this post will be to accuse me of all sorts of things because I took the time to answer your further allegations. Again though, I think if you take a step back and have a think about it you'll see that it's entirely logical for someone to answer questions that you specifically ask them.