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Originally Posted by 335Newbie View Post
Well done cptcrunch.

I also believe "Richard Jones" is a lawyer. His intentions may be noble seeking an amicable resolution to this situation between BMW/Penske/BMWNA, et all. I don't believe that for a second. That said, he may very well be the rep that has signed on to cover the butt of the GM, the SA, and/or any involved parties who downplayed the thrown codes. This representaion would be on a personal level, not corporate.

I would bet we now have several lawyers who are interested in the developements transpiring, ie, what would have to happen to resolve this issue and make it go away.

My question to the lawyers. Would there be a lingering responsibility on the part of those involved that have attempted to sweep this under the rug and did not bring this out for a complete and thorough investigation as to the cause of the initial steering failure? Would some parties possibly be liable for damages and prosecution should another incident occur, this one with catastrophic consequences as a result of their lack of professional safety ethics?

Just a few random thoughts that came to mind.
There is nothing nobel about not admiting to the truth doesnt matter what his intentions are.. from the start he should have said who he is, what are his intentions etc... Instead all he has done is stir the pot!