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Originally Posted by RichardJones View Post
I'll ignore the false allegation as I actually don't care whether you do or don't think I am BMW/Penske. It does raise a slight problem for me though because although I've read all the threads and followed your story and believed you I happen to know that I'm not BMW/Penske. But I've now just seen you come to completely the wrong conclusion based on absolutely no evidence at all, so although you were quite plausible before you now aren't; certainly some of your reasoning (that I am BMW/Penske) is very obviously flawed so I'm no longer quite so sure about the rest of your reasoning and your testimony.
In my opinion, and I'm sure many others who have read your posts, the only person who has their credibility in question is you. You've come to this forum apparently out of some innate curiosity about what can possibly be done to set things right - odd in itself considering the most natural first questions one might have is to understand the problem deeper. The very next post when the OP jokingly questions whether you are with Penske/BMW, which by the way was a reasonable assumption given your direct questioning towards resolution, you perform some linguistic and logical gymnastics to assume that the OP's joke was in fact a conclusion and not a suspicion and try to undermine his credibility after 3 short posts on this forum.

If you aren't a lawyer, or with any of the parties involved in this case, then you are just a jerk and are adding nothing of value to this discussion.