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I just got my car lowered on Eibach springs and Bilstein Sport struts. My wheel specs are almost the same as yours, except I'm running a +33 offset on the rear. I tried out my 15mm spacers in the rear and it was rub city even on small bumps at low speeds. I also tried out 12mm spacers on the front, they do fit without rubbing, but at highway speeds I felt that the steering had a very vague and "floaty" feeling compared to no spacer. I'll probably go without on the front wheels.

In any case, I heard that there is a 1/4" reinforcement plate on the top of the front struts that can be removed for a bit more drop. Let us know if you get that removed when your suspension is installed. And, take some before and after pictures and measurements from the wheel center cap to the highest point of the wheel arch.