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Originally Posted by chaz58 View Post
I can't really tell the difference between the 328 and the 330 when driven back to back (although the 325 feels noticably slower than the 328).

On paper:
0-60 is 6.7, 6.3, 6.1 for the 325, 328, 330.

Not much acceleration difference between 328 and 330, in spite of the
HP numbers: 215, 230, 255
Torque: 185 200, 220

BMW is traditionaly pretty conservative with their numbers. Makes me wonder if they keep the 328 numbers low to make the 330 and 335 look better.

bottom line, 328 and 330 accelerate pretty much the same with a stick.
Up to about 60 with a manual they are very close after that (especially in the upper rev ranges where the 3 stage intake helps)

At the 1/4 you start to see the seperation more
330 1/4 14.3
328 1/4 14.7

The places though where you will most likely see bigger differences are when there are both auto's, and on highway pulls or on a track where you are in the upper end of the rev range already.

0-60 your right is very similar (except in auto form where the 330 only drops to 6.3 and the 328 goes all the way back over 7 sec)