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Originally Posted by marchurley View Post
Was this the wrong approach to encourage a regen? Should I be doing steady motorway driving?
AND do I need to get the cable and clear the error before I take it for a driver to encourage a regen?
In my experience, the light is the 2nd stage warning. The 1st stage is an error code (480a) which is caused by increased backpressure at the exhaust.

Once the 1st stage (480a code) is present, the car *will not attempt to regenerate*. The 2nd stage (481a code + iDrive warning about DPF) requests a trip to the dealer. Once this is in place, it reappears after 10 minutes of the engine being started.

Thankfully, I have not experienced the 3rd stage, which I suspect would be a bigger flashier warning, and 'limp mode'.

As you have the 480a and 481a codes present (indicated by the DPF warning on dash), then you only have a few choices to make, imo:

1) take it to a garage and leave it with them until it's fixed.
2) go to a garage and ask them to read / clear the codes while you drive at 40mph-ish for 30mins
3) buy a K+DCAN cable and have a friend read / clear the codes while you drive at 40mph-ish for 30 mins

I chose 3), because I didn't have any luck with 2), and I couldn't afford 1).