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Originally Posted by Bartledoo View Post
Doesn't it bother you that he likes the Dutch more than Belgians? He kinda hates you guys.
Dunno, Belgica or something like that is latin for low lands/ nether(low) lands and was part of the Netherlands until 1831. Before that Amsterdam and Brussels traded places every year/5 years(?) for being the capital of the Netherlands. Blablabla

In the Northern part of Belgium(Flanders) they still speak Dutch, also in Hasselt where Max was born.

And Jos(ex F1 driver) Verstappen, his father is Dutch, but I really don't know why Max races under Dutch flag. He felt more Dutch than Belgian he mentioned i an interview a while ago, but anyway....

For me he is 100% Dutch even if he was born in Indonesia, Botswana or Russia. A friend of mine is born in New Zealand from Dutch parents: He calls himself Dutch/Frisian.

Another business asociate told me a few years ago he was born in Florida USA but also Dutch parents so he is Dutch he stated.

Max mother Sophie Kumpen is Belgian....oh well.