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Originally Posted by RSL View Post
If DCT on stock rom, watch your 1st gear standing start RPM, boost mean, etc. More RPM movement is expected, but it's messy on a normal start around 25-35% pedal in sport. It's not drive off assist, already tried. I think up to around 1200rpm, it's actually clutch engagement (stock does it a bit, just not as bad), but haven't had a chance to verify. I haven't done any WOT shifts in it yet either.

Also, there are at least 2 INA0S versions. One I have is fairly pedestrian, the other already has quite a few values the same as IKM0S stock. There are a bunch more interesting things it that would be fun to get at though. I found switches to enable 1M MDrive, Sport mode, DKG, etc., but probably need at least clock spring, maybe sport switch, cluster and coding. 1M was clearly specifically set up for a DCT, I assume just in case. Makes me wonder if there are undiscovered EGS/DCT ZBs floating around for them. I think they'd almost have to set for a 2.56 or anything smaller than the M3 ZBs if there are.
Did you try just using "is" values in those tables? I've attached a screenshot of them. Unless there's another table involved I wouldn't expect problems.
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