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As you may have read on my threads, my rear subframe is bent or been pushed and bent a subframe bolt because I changed absolutely everything (hub all arms and alloy) and it improved a lot but the toe is still slightly off. But the car doesn't wonder off and having spent a lot of time at Chemix in stourbridge he did tell me about the geometry which is shown on a separate diagram but it had something to with an imaginary line or something and having the wheels pointing straight.. I didn't quite get it but the Chap at Chemix in stourbridge is bloody brilliant.. but what's strange is your is aligned and wonders off whereas mine is absolutely fine, I can only feel the alignment issue if I boot it and it slips a little.

Also, how exactly did you align the car when you've upgraded to m3 arms? From what I've read it becomes a bit of a nightmare trying to align the car with them on, and if I'm not mistaken when chemix gets everything setup they chose your car from a list which specifies the x y and z of alignment specifications but if I'm not mistaken you cant follow them, I'm pretty sure I read another thread with people using M3 arms using some other figures