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Hi all.

Haven't had a chance to logon in a while.

One thing of note to those that have fitted the M3 arms is that dues to the increased negative camber this will change the characteristics slightly and you will find the car wants to follow the road a little more. So yes with the slight camber our roads tend to run it will naturally want to pull to the left more than before but only slightly.

As for alignment, going to a specialist is better when you have started to upgrade from stock parts. They will be able to counter the -ve camber with slight toe increases/decreases accordingly. If you have even wear on the tyres then that's a good thing as it does suggest your alignment is pretty good and may not be the cause of the issues.

Rear is also a good place to check and things like work bushes etc can cause issues once an alignment states it looks spot on.

Hopefully that helps.
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