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Originally Posted by cranelec View Post
My power goal for this build is truly conservative due to the fact that my baby is still going to be my daily driver for at least two more years. 400 WHp to 450 WHp without hurting my baby.

Since my home is less than 20 minutes from the Pocono Raceway, I'd like to track my car like bbnks2.

I'm less than one hour away from Numedia? drag strip. I'm hoping for a low 12 second 1/4 mile.

This will require three separate tunes by Wedge: DD, Auto Cross, and 1/4 mile.

Sounds good brother. I'm currently making around those numbers both ways and the car is a beast for daily driving. What are your cooling ideas? I went with two oil coolers ( OEM/Aftermarket ) Or do you believe its over kill depending on living location?
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