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Thats right , i'm from europe .
I already contacted them, only proturbo .
But i wanted to know some peoples oppinions that have hybrids ( even if they have compressor wheel only ) , just to have some idea on hp range they can get .
Of course this envolves many variables , setup , remap , etc etc

For example , turbosystems say their setup on the website :

"K26 turbocharger:

dual ceramic ball bearing to eliminate turbo lag between K26 and KP39 spools due to bigger compressor and turbine wheels;
reinforced bigger machined from the solid compressor wheel - 60/86mm;
bigger turbine wheel - 69/64mm;
refurbished housings;
new shaft;
balanced on VSR;"

I can get lots of parts , KTS compressor wheels , mamba turbines , etc

I'm getting some difficult getting a k26 upgrade turbine wheel , as mamba only sells 2 . One has OEM size (54.5/64.3) but instead of the original 12 blade shape , they have 9 .
And another one a little bit bigger (58.8/67.2) 9 blade .

They can make me one custom on my request , but it takes a while .

And seems , based on these turbosystems setup , they are using a similar turbine wheel that we use on gt3582 turbos ( a bit smaller but it would do the job )

Waiting for your inputs