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Originally Posted by matt_335Ci View Post
ok maybe something SITTING on the lot, but I have always ordered cars and i seriously doubt i could get an e93 special ordered at invoice. i don't think BMW is that desperate.
I agree.

Show me someone, anyone, with proof, that he/she purchased a 335i for invoice. I would be willing to be that only a handful exist, and even those are the exception rather than the norm. Hell, my friend who's a mechanic at the local dealer doesn't even get a car at invoice. Invoice plus a %, yes, but straight invoice, no.

That's not including cars sitting on the lot. Of course the dealer is going to be willing and motivated to sell a car on the lot for cheap or even at a potential loss just to move it. If it's a last MY car, even moreso. I doubt that many have gotten a "ordered" 335i at invoice.

Again, Schumacher, don't speculate, provide proof or at least a link to a thread where a member claims to have purchased their car at invoice. I'll admit I don't read EVERY single thread, but I haven't seen one yet.