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Thanks for the input. That is what I am going to do, and I actually disable it (0/0) instead. Actually, JB4 is simple enough for most people, but I still remember the pain i went thru with those sensor plugs and would like to avoid fiddling with the ECU wiring as much as possible. My local dealer seems to be pretty cool with it, maybe because the bill will be going to my extended warranty company. Therefore, I would not want take it off and put it back on if not 101% needed :-)

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Your tech knew what he was talking about when he said Uti clear was on, which means he may beok with the jb4. You need to turn off auto-clear, it is effective in all maps. Drive for a bit let it store new codes, since auto clear may have cleared them, which I doubt because mime stayed while I had my auto clear on. Anyhow, turn off auto clear, drive the car let it overheat and theb take it back, codes are stored for atleast a week or so in the DME.

Personally I always take my jb4 out, every dealer is different.