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Long crank, not starting

I was driving my car and it felt like I ran out of gas - the car gradually slowed down (even with my foot on the accelerator) and came to a complete stop. Tried to start my car again and it wouldn't start. It cranks for about 5 seconds and does nothing, just keeps cranking.

The car does have gas (about 1/4 tank) and was running fine prior to that. No CEL came on, but my friend ran the INPA cable and showed the following errors, which I can Google translate to "crankshaft sensor" and "fuel pump". (Any German speakers are more than welcome to correct me). Details continued below the picture...

So I went ahead and ordered a new crankshaft position sensor, received it today and swapped it out. Tried to start my car and had the same result: long crank, but no start. I then plugged my OBDII scanner and it now reveals P0335, which is "Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction". Any ideas of what else it could be?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.
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