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Originally Posted by DocWeatherington View Post

Actually that is not correct... ALL states/territories do not have reciprocity with each other... nor are the laws or points always the same. Additional traffic violations in Canada can go both ways.

Only 45 states are in the Driver License Compact agreement, and only 44 are in Non-Resident Violator Compact (NRVC). That's why I was saying previously its important to see what your state's laws are vs. the state the offense occurred in. As things may not translate.

For example, you could get a DUI in a nonreciprocity state or in a state that wants to suspend your DL but they can't as your home state won't honor it under normal circumstances. You're wreckless over 81mph speed limit in VA may not be in anything but a fine in Montana with zero points and not reciprocity if occurred out of state. But it doesn't mean that VA won't bend you over and fine you locally.
Oh I know they are not the same, some states have laws that you have to move over for law enforcement, etc., some do not, some like AZ allow entering the intersection on yellow and just "waiting there" until you can turn, regardless of the color of the light, etc. These aren't 100% consistent, nor was I attempting to say they were 100% consistent. I would on the other hand assume that most places do not have a law against passing on the right when there are two lanes in the same direction of travel. If you ever get "in traffic", it'd be an absolute sh*t-show, since lanes travel at different speeds and the one on the left is not necessarily the fastest (in stop-n-go). I think we were more asking for any real examples of where this is illegal in the US, mostly just to show what the outlier is.
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