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Originally Posted by cmyx6go View Post
How do you deal with the anti cop attitude these days? My SO is LEO. It breaks my heart and scares the hell out me. It's a disgrace.

Does the brass have your backs or is it like the BS here in NYC?

It sucks. The worst part about it is that things are more transparent now than ever, and even still, there's so much dissent. The lack of accountability on behalf of some of the public makes it more difficult, especially with all of the race baiting. Everything we do is perceived to be colored by the race of the individual, and it's certainly not the case. Even with me being a black officer I'm still subject to the ridiculousness.

For the most part the brass at the station level supports the line staff; custody brass is hit and miss. It's bad for everybody everywhere though, and I really feel for the NYPD officers.

Originally Posted by MKSixer View Post

I've HEARD there may be groups of guys going on spirited drives across the country generally on the back roads. No high sustained speeds but bursts into some interesting figures. All family guys and often WITH their SO/Kids/friends in the cars. Nothing crazy. What would be your reaction if you so happened upon a group like this?

It would depend on a number of factors, but I am not so concerned with back roads. Being a car/bike guy, I naturally give some leniency to enthusiasts. I still love a good canyon or back road romp myself.
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