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Originally Posted by ZZZZ View Post
Old thread but I will answer anyway.
The OEM filter is not just a paper filter, but also a charcoal filter. It is quite restricting, but also superior filtration. The K&N Drop in gets rid of the charcoal and opts for paper only. It does allow for better breathing but will get dirty quicker and at that point dust/dirt particles will get pushed with the air through into your intake---hence, change it more often.
K&N Filters are layered and oiled cotton not paper. K&N does not breathe as well as plain paper filters.

The stock air filter does not have charcoal. The cabin air filter has charcoal.

On top of that when they are freshly cleaned they allow through more dirt not less. Over time the dirt and dust that builds up on them traps smaller particulate matter. You also don't change the filter more often, you don't change it at all, you clean and re-oil a K&N filter.

Way to resurrect a thread to answer a question with total misinformation. Literally everything you said is incorrect except that this is an old thread.