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Originally Posted by Crypty View Post
..The recruiter is pushing me HARD and possibly lying to me that I MUST decide by 2pm today. She initially said 9am and I recoiled. When I left the interview an HR person said "We will make a decision and extend an offer to your recruiter in a day or two." So why am I expected to decide on such a tight deadline?...
Wait, the recruiter is not with the company but some 'broker', so to speak? Ignore his demands; until you see the offer on paper (or at least in an email), it's not a 100% thing for you to commit to.

There may be situations when the employer recruiter/HR asks for a swift response, like they need to fill the position very urgently or the hiring manager is leaving for vacation and just wants peace of mind, but again, any deadline have to come from the employer side. Also, the offer could be contingent on, say, background check, so don't burn any bridges yet... and my advice would be not to burn them ever, no matter how much you current situation sucks or whatever.