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Originally Posted by R 4 5 T 4 M 4 N View Post
for daily driving it's hard to beat the n54, sick ride, done right!
Absolutely. Perfect DD for sure.

Originally Posted by Eric335 View Post
Edit your post, retard.

Then i wish i was full on retard. With that car and that wallet.... damn
car is officially for sale

Originally Posted by PlannBee View Post
So instead of LTMW killing you for reprinting your calipers for the 19373920109th time, your solution was to get a whole new set instead. Lol I love you xD
ye, no more repainting brembos, they will kill me too bad GTR kit won't fit.

Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
Always loved the look of your car when it was on Eurotuner with the porsche gray and quads. I also randomly found a picture of me next to your car I found on LTMWs facebook page from the meet few months ago lmaooo. I bet a lot of people have asked you why you put so much into it when you could have just gotten a M3 right? lol I was thinking the same until I realized why people ask me why I put so much into my 330 but of course on a smaller scale. Looking good dude keep it up.
Eurotuner cover was something I will remember for a long time. Not only I made onto cover, but Sam Du(Photographer/Editor) & Greg Emmerson(Editor) was great to work with lots of professionalism. I could have bought an M3 but can't go wrong with 600rwhp 335i

Originally Posted by Shaz_335d View Post
Some serious work there, you must have some deep pockets
Thanks, no I am not rich.

Originally Posted by rattmobbins View Post

Fawkin' SICKEST wheels you ever had on this beast. Can't believe you only rocked 'em for like 2 days. LOL!
haha ye, I went through few wheel setups

Originally Posted by 1slowbmw View Post
absolutely ridiculous

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I've got a boner. TMI?

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we have someone a little special over here guys!!!
Creaminz = Retard. Sure why not

Car is officially for sale guys. Thank you