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bmw of seattle

so my friend took his 530i in last week for service and he couldnt get a loaner car. but anyways his mom came in on saturday and picked up a 335i sedan. it was fine when she was driving it during the weekend. but on monday when it was pouring down rain the car had a dsc malfunction. i know this is pretty common in bmws because i have read some threads about m3's experiencing the problem and it has happened to me once. but anyways she didnt know what it was so she drove home. on the way home she stopped at a red light and as she accelerated the car started to slide and it did not gain control again. so the car ended up sliding into the curb and it hopping it. the rim got chipped and the back of the car has scratches due to the bushes, the steering alignment was also off. so then he called the dealership to see if he was liable and they said they didn't know and came to tow the car. the next day they called him back saying that the dsc malfunction was no longer on. they concluded that there is nothing wrong with the dsc and told my friend he is liable for the damages. then i took him there today to get the estimate and bmw of seattle is making him pay for a new suspension, new rear bumper, new rims and tires, an inspection fee, and 2 steering wheel alignments. i mean i can understand about the alignment and the wheels but the rear bumper is unnecessary because it can be easily sanded and painted for like 300 dollars. they are also charging him 65 dollars an hour for service fee which i think is quite ridiculous. in all they said the repairs were going to cost about 4500 and he has no option of taking it to another body shop. after that my friend asked them for like a preinspection of the car to make sure that the suspension and stuff werent already fucked up by the last person the dealership loaned the car too. the dealership told him they had no record but ensured him it was in perfect condition. i told him to call an attorney to see what he can settle because 4500 is a helluva amount of money. anyways any advice?