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Originally Posted by Alpina_B3_Lux View Post
Cool review. Glad you're enjoying the car so much. Now it's time for the 'Ring this year so you can really let that car fly!

I'll try , I wouldn't mind stiffening the suspension first but it worries me doing it in a cabrio as although it handles on the road well, won;t it be really bad on a track?

Originally Posted by Yoro35i View Post
I'm doing mine now as I type. Bloody freezing. Idrive keep popping up messages , really worried about the battery drain too. I chose the linear /agressive map I can't wait to try it out .. only 16% done lol
How do you like the linear then? I chose aggressive because that's how I've had my previous cars mapped and I like the kick in the back.

Originally Posted by 335iLondon View Post
Nice write up mate.
Just had a go on valet map out of curiosity, very nice feature!
I hear that they do this by holding open the wastegates, makes the exhaust sound good apparently...up to 4000rpm anyway .

Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
Good review. seem like a great product!

BTW It's Octane in the UK, we have RON (research octane number) and the US have AKI (anti knock index) which is the average of MON (motor octane number) and RON

......which they sometimes call PON (pump octane number)
Confusing Amercan's