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Originally Posted by E90PAT View Post
Yeah I'm from broward county just north from dade. You're better off reading the DIY and going as far as you can on your own as possible then come back here and search when you get stuck on something. It'll save you loads do time since most of the things posted in this thread are simple problems.
Cool thanks dude. I'll be reading the threads for a couple months before I jump in. Just relived to see the conversations about coding.
I've got the Bentley manual. But if you can't do code, you can't work on anything with Idrive.
Almost bought the Snap-On scanner. Worthless for Idrive esp when you gotta buy the 'german' upgrade for another $1500.
I was in Port St Lucie (St Lucie county) over Memorial day. Looked at some properties. ATL is too cold in Jan! But lots of quiet rides in St Lucie county, who I gonna run with?