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Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
But it's a fiddle, the autos are better at the 'granny-driving-super-slow' Euro fuel economy test because they are programmed to work perfectly just for that test and they have silly 7th/8th gear which is only fitted to improve the test results. They won't run in 7th/8th unless you are on the lightest of throttle and level cruise (i.e. Euro test), or downhill.

In real life, you are unlikely to get more MPG from any auto because they are less efficient / more losses (much heavier too) than a manual. just physics.

Any kind of 'normal' driving for the sports car it is will put you back in the low MPG brackets.

DCT or Torque converter box can never be more efficient than a manual box, but they are able to fudge the test.
Indeed, I managed to get 13mpg when I tested the Auto
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