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ipod interface retrofit(e90-92-93 and e89 related): need help!

I am francesco from Italy and I have a z4e89 sdrive 30i....
I had a mistake not ordering the car with Ipod interface , so I ordered it .
part number is 65 41 2 152 324, before was old 65 41 x xxx 881.
then started problems....
1 my dealer was not able do give me install instructions....
2 I suspect that my dealer won't I do DIY job as they lose money
3 I struggled to remove trims without instructions and without ruining trims....but everything came off with no problems or damage.....
4 cars after 9 2008 , with no other MOSt interface need a 61 12 2 146 480 optic fiber flash cable with different casing a nd a sort of plug for flash adapter...PN 61136919391....I have to connect this one somewhere and theres a kind of short circuit cover/plug on it....
just for reference, take a look at this pdf file, page 10, the last picture where bmw talks about connecctor x13816:

first of all, thank you all because you retrofitted a lot of stuff and I found instructions on this forum....
then the questions:
1 WTF the flash cable is?
2 does someone knows where I have to plug this stuff?
3 Is this retrofit job bigger than me?
4 have you ever seen those cable and adapter on your car ?
5 Please?
6 If I can(I have to look at worldwide delivery taxes and rules) I can send a bottle fo good italian wine (not the 1.99 euro wine that you find at every 5th order supermarket) in exchange for this help.(the answer has to be good, don't tell me" the solution is to go to the dealer, now please this is my address for the bottle..." ....!!!)

thank you so much!
In general way , i have to say that I know something about new BMWs just because you are very active with this forum.....
I hope my english is good enough for you...
Francesco from North Italy