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Originally Posted by Edman951 View Post
Not true Teknochild.

A BOV has a stronger spring so the valve doesn't open under vacuum.

A diverter valve is design to run open to help bypass the turbo when its not spooled yet. Making the motor work less at low rpm to get air into the motor.
Once on boost the valve is closed untill the vacuum is released when you get of the throttle.
The diverted valve open under vacuum, and the small spring inside it help it stay closed under boost.

Just undo the return tube and see for your self.

+1. You make perfect sense my friend. Second Generation DSMs run the same BOVs as we do, and Im assuming by your name you have or do own a 951. I used to have one as well, and the cheapo BOVs (same ones we have) stay open at idle, and will stay open under vacuum until it hits 0, or goes positive.

I dont understand why dont people just make some pipe and attach a BOV and flange to it and call it a day. THAT DIY would still be cheap as well.