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Waiting for my BMW to tell me it needs service

Having purchased a CPO BMW still covered under the factory warranty is awesome when I walk out of my local BMW service center and have $0.00 on my invoice. My question to all of you in forum-land is, do you think it is harmful to wait until your BMW tells you it needs service?

BMW has this long standing rule where if you are eligible for free maintenance, you must wait until your car is withing 1,000 miles until it's next required servicing. With these synthetic oil engines, that could be up to 12,000 miles, and I know we all have our different driving habits, resulting in some burning oil faster than others. I routinely check my oil to see if it is dirty or on the verge of turning black. Paying $150 (which is cheap in comparison to certain other manufacturers) seems like a slap in the face when I could bring the car in when BMW recommends me to and get one for free.

Opinions, comments, or concerns?