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15% on all windows, 5% on moon roof, 5% strip on windshield (black interior)... Anyone with experience think that something like 70%-80% tint on the windshield would help keep things cooler when the suns beaming on front? Windshield tint is illegal in Maine but I still burn my ass when I get in my car lol..
There are plenty of almost clear ceramic films that block tons of heat.

I personally wouldn't go more than 80% on the windshield with 15% all around, unless you live somewhere it is commonplace. In your car right now, the windshield is really the only source of light for the interior. If you cut the VLT by much, cops passing you are going to be able to tell the windshield is tinted.

If your car is still hot with that much tint on it, it's time to start looking into a ceramic film, it's gonna cost more but is worth it if temp reduction is what you are chasing. Carbon film barely blocks heat, it really just cuts light transmittance, which will help bring the temp down but doesn't actually block the thermal radiation. You can feel the difference if you were to take a heat gun and heat up the window from the outside and put your hand on the inside... with ceramic film, the temp on your hand is significantly cooler. Granted I have a lighter colored vehicle, but my black interior stays nice and cool even in 100+ (32-36 degree weather.)
I actually ended up tinting the windshield 75%. Just got pulled over yesterday in the worst county for tint in Maine and the cop didn't even notice. So I'm not gonna worry about it. Even my inspector didn't notice lol. The difference is subtle but still makes a difference in the sun.

My routine for getting pulled over is fun though.... both front windows down and turn my car off because it's a deleted diesel
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