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Not completely error free

Just installed a set of these with mtec 4350 H7 on my 07 328xi.....everything works great...LED AE are awesome although slightly purple-ish in color. Def makes car look ALOT better. BUT there is a dash error...the manual says its "Bulb of exterior lighting system failed"
Called BavarianX and they told me it was due to the car's electronics not being able to work properly with LEDs of anykind due to lower power draw and that the error will sometimes go away. Not a big deal for me and can live with it since everything works fine...all in all pretty happy with purchase

ps....also DDM Tuning HIDs (slim ballasts 35w 5000k) do not work lol that is nighttime i tried adjusting the beam levels since they were uneven and i could not get them to align
The right headlight beam is about two inches higher then the left when projected on a wall and could not get it to the same level as the left headlight despite turning adjustment knob...the knob keeps turning but the beam wont lower anymore....i tried raising the left headlight beam but it was the highest it could go.....again not a huge deal i dont think its that noticeable but still alil annoying

will try to post pics asap

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