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Originally Posted by arkie6 View Post
Make sure that your electrical connector is fully plugged into the coil. Don't rely on just the lever mechanism on the coil head to push the electrical connector fully in. Push on the back of the connector while closing the lever to insure it is fully seated.
Thanks, I was thinking this might be the issue. I'm going to order another spark plug just in case I messed up the one in cylinder 4. The process of getting to the plugs took so long for a noob like myself, I don't want to tear everything apart more than 1 time (already upset with myself that I've gotta do it again).

While I was at it, I was going to buy come MAF cleaner. I changed my oil at the same time, and I think I read somewhere that the filter can get oil onto the MAF somehow?

BTW: I didn't clean out any of the carbon (I think it was carbon, definitely not oil) that I found in the cylinders. Should I have cleaned this out while changing plugs, or is this normal?