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Originally Posted by chriz1 View Post
I'm afraid another negative list from me,
Bought the 40w Angel eye bulbs beginning of the year paid next day delivery and they came a week later.
One failed and waited 3 weeks for a replacement to be sent out.
I'm now waiting to receive my second replacement as one bulb has again failed also bad burn marks on the currently working one.
Waited over a week for a reply and sent pictures of faulty bulb, but that's the last I've heard from horizon LEDs, very poor service to be honest
Which is a great shame
Sounds familar unfortunately...

I was told I would have my replacement 20w leds sent out to me today after I was sent incorrectly sent out a set of lci angel eyes. (My car is a pre lci which i stated in the order..)

Haven't arrived today and I don't think they will arrive tomorrow as its a sunday.

So i will be back at work on Monday and they have been sent to my home address.. Great..

All in all very disappointed...
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