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Originally Posted by HorizonLEDs
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im ordering a set from ebay as 2 year warranty and you have paypal and ebay protection plus cheaper
Thanks for the feedback Rfc1970, PayPal buyer protection policy is you cannot open a case after 180 days from the date of transaction and eBay buyer protection is 30 days.

Warranties on eBay unfortunately don't mean anything unless you buy a product where you can obtain a warranty service from the manufacturer of the product directly, with LED products this is rather difficult. So in essence on eBay you really only have 6 month if paid with PayPal.

With anything electrical, problems are likely. We have sold thousands of these kits and less then 1% actually come back under warranty. We don't even require the product back most of the time, just a picture and warranty replacement is ordered.


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I bought a set with 2 year warranty pal.
PayPal is there for the first 6 months but I still have 18 months after that to deal with the seller direct.
There are a few buyers on here not happy with your product so kettle and pit black springs to mind.
I bought a set for 33 saving 7 and hopefully quicker delivery than yours has been.
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