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For what it is worth, my calculations show that your car at 6,500 rpm in 1st should be doing 143 kph and when you change into top the revs should drop to 3,570 rpm before accelerating. At 5,000 rpm in top the speed should be 200 kph and at 6,500 rpm 260 kph. These are calculated without any slippage. As your converter appears to be able to stall to 4,000+? rpm, when you change into top gear, it is in the stall zone so would be slipping straight up. If it doesn't drop below 5,000 rpm when you change gear then it is slipping heaps so you are not getting power to the road. If I remember correctly, I believe Dan had a similar issue with his first converter with too much stall (slippage) and had to get one made with less. After 4,000 rpm in either gear, the converter should be locked and not slipping. The dyno should tell you what torque and power the engine is making at those rev ranges. If the converter is slipping too much, the engine will not build up any torque at that rev range where the converter is slipping.
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