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yea 80km is 2000rpm
100km is 2600rpm

You mean rev out 1st gear another 500rpm?

yes I can, logs have been around 5900 6100 in 1st gear so I could go more rpm but at low boost its falling over in power so I go to 2nd gear early.

Either way I need more testing and the 6266 wont be on for long. I just want to dyno it and do a 10.x dragy run and sell 6266 turbo kit and put 7675 back on.

7675 is different so I will see how the converter responds around 700hp. I emailed the converter place so see what they say. The revs are high but 114mph 17psi boost 6 degrees adv is ok. my rb evos were 22psi 121mph 10 degrees adv.
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