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Been tuning during the week.

Fuel trims are back under control.
I removed the ti 274 lift pump and put my 6 year old walbro 255 back in.
Un hooked methanol setup.

Hitting consistent lpfp pressures now.
The battery must of been under high load with 3 ti 274 fuel pumps, 1 meth pump and normal bmw electronics still going.

Did 4 or 5 runs and got a PB of 12.41 121mph.
17psi 6 degrees adv, rear tyres 38psi and dewy road made it hard to grip at 100km still an issue.

Next I will let tyres down, remove extra items in car, socket set methanol bottle, drag race helmet, other tools ect.
Keep it at 17psi and 6 degrees and go for a 11.99 122mph.

very cold ambients near freezing at 16 degrees. Iats went up 2-3 degrees on a 1/4mile run without meth water which is unreal.

image of dragy run attached
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